Promotion via social media in English

In the era of technology, it is a great idea to use social media for promotional purposes. Welcoming institutions should set up a page where they can promote the incoming academics and staff members, and do so in English so that other institutions could have access to it. It might significantly contribute to greater visibility and new possibilities for cooperation.


Improved visibility

Basic information
Categories Networking Promotion & Visibility
Mobility stages Pre-arrival phase During mobility phase After-leaving
Delivery schedule Continuous
Importance Important to have
Scale of organizational change
Target groups PhD student/Early career researcher R2 - R4 researchers Administrative staff
Types of contracts of researchers Full degree student Permanent employee
Career stages of researchers 6-12-months of experience 1-3-years of experience 3-10 years of experience
Lengths of stays of researchers 0-3 months 3-6 months
Practice setup

The setting up activities are the following:

  • creating a social media profile for the welcoming institution (in case they did not have one prior),

  • creating a subpage dedicated solely to incoming academics and staff members,

  • determining the people who will be moderating the page,

  • finding people who will proofread both the posts in the local language, as well as in English.

Challenges (factors to consider): some institutions could be averse to the idea of using social media for promotion; there should be a seminar dedicated to explaining the perks of such activity. Maybe the best thing would be to include students from student associations in the process of setting up social media profiles.

Cost of practice setup
Time required for practice setup
Personnel effort required for practice setup
Actors involved in practice setup
  • IRO/welcome centre
  • Language department
  • Students association
Indicators for evaluating progress/quality of practice setup
  • Process organization developed

Practice delivery

The delivery activities include:

  • posting on social media,

  • filtering through the information relevant for promotion regarding the incoming academic and staff members,

  • answering potential questions people might have on the social media posts. 

Challenges (factors to consider): some incoming academics and staff members may be unwilling to agree to their pictures and information being shared online.

Cost of practice delivery
Time required for practice delivery
Personnel effort required for practice delivery
Actors involved in practice delivery
  • IRO/welcome centre
  • Students association
Indicators for evaluating progress/quality of practice delivery
  • Number of page visitors

Examples of practice

Social media usage for promotion

In Serbia, occasionally the social media pages of institutions post about their incoming academics, lecturers, and staff members. However, that is not done solely for promotion purposes of the incoming individual, but rather to show that there are some activities going on. Therefore, separate pages on social media designated for this purpose only are essential.