Career promotion criteria published in English

Allotting a space on the institution's website for the list of career promotion criteria could greatly contribute to foreign researchers seeking a more permanent involvement at the welcoming institution. Career paths should be structured, transparent, and clear for foreign researchers.



Improved access to information

Basic information
Categories Profesional & Academic Development
Mobility stages Institutional setup
Delivery schedule Continuous
Importance Important to have
Scale of organizational change
Target groups R2 - R4 researchers Lecturers (incl. Language Teachers) PhD student/Early career researcher
Types of contracts of researchers Employee in training (interns, research fellows, postdocs) Fixed term employee
Career stages of researchers 1-3-years of experience 3-10 years of experience 10-15 years of experience
Lengths of stays of researchers More than 12 months
Practice setup

The setting up activities include:

  • all the possible positions should be listed on the website, ideally published in English (language departments can be asked to help translate the career promotion criteria) 

  • career promotion criteria would include the following, among others; the time period spent in a certain position necessary to be completed prior to applying for a different position, for example, researcher to senior researcher, the forms of the learning/educational/teaching process the ones seeking promotions have been involved in, number and type of publications. Each of the criteria should be given for every single position (assistant professor, researcher, senior researcher, associate professor, et cetera).

  • IROs could be forwarding the open positions to interested foreign researchers. New positions should be constantly updated and described in a detailed manner. If it is done properly, it should look like an elaborate list with the same type of criteria listed for each and every entry, but at the same time, it could be easy to compare criteria for different positions.



Cost of practice setup
Time required for practice setup
Personnel effort required for practice setup
Actors involved in practice setup
  • IRO/welcome centre
  • Language department
  • IT support department
Partners involved in practice setup
  • EURAXESS centre
Indicators for evaluating progress/quality of practice setup
  • Procedures or bylaws are defined or updated

@EURAXESS centre can help with designing a structure for open position (s) based on the open job positions structure templates at the EURAXESS job & funding database 

Practice delivery

The delivery activities can include:

  • Whenever a foreign researcher shows interest in coming to a certain institution, IROs should forward them the list of career promotion criteria in English, to show that they, apart from coming for an exchange, can also advance their academic career at the welcoming institution. 

Challenges (factors to consider): incoming academics and staff members should be informed beforehand that such an option, where they can check career promotion criteria, is accessible.

Cost of practice delivery
Time required for practice delivery
Personnel effort required for practice delivery
Actors involved in practice delivery
  • IRO/welcome centre
Partners involved in practice delivery
  • EURAXESS centre
Indicators for evaluating progress/quality of practice delivery
  • Number of researchers assisted annually

Examples of practice

Career promotion criteria - Purdue University

Purdue University included a whole section dedicated solely to promotions, such as definition, criteria, and types of promotion. It is detailed and easy to understand.

Habilitation and Appointment procedures


Description of habilitation or professor degree proceedings procedure via which the Czech HEI academic staff enhance their qualifications in compliance with the requirements of the Czech university system.