Welcome to UniWeliS Explorer

UniWeliS Explorer is a web gateway to repository of best practices for supporting international researchers, PhD students and university teachers in academic organizations and for facilitating work of administrative and managerial staff who are involved in assisting them.

If you work as a manager or administrative staff at a Higher Education Institution or a Research Performing Organization in Europe, this web app will help you:

  • Learn about improving the services for supporting international PhD students, researchers and other academics in your organization.
  • Develop the action plan (improvement path) towards improving the services for supporting PhD students, researchers and other academics in your organization.
  • Build on the vast experience of numerous academic establishments throughout Europe to develop or improve international researchers, academics support services in your organization.
  • Benefit from our database of best practices for supporting incoming mobility and internationalisation of your institution as a whole.
  • Use our Practice Explorer to find the best practices in reaching the specific goals in providing different types of services to different groups of international researchers or staff and thus learn about the opportunities to improve the services.
  • Build the custom improvement path by selecting the best practices for your organization so you get access to all information necessary to analyse its risks, impacts and costs.
  • Add custom activities related to implementation of the selected practices in the improvement path and associate priorities, responsibilities and schedule to each of those so you can make the action plan on improvement more specific to your organization.
  • Understand the risks, impacts and costs of the specific improvement path so to make the best decision on the action plan to improve services to international researchers or staff in your organization.

You will get access to all those modalities after registering your profile so the improvement path can be customised to your needs.

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